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Immortal Empire Cyborg Soldier Level 3 by 0verlordofyou Immortal Empire Cyborg Soldier Level 3 by 0verlordofyou
Level 2: Soldier

Level 3: Heavy Support

Description: This is the next level of cyborg. Sporting heavier armor, shielding, weapons, power pack, and two additional legs these cyborgs are just beefier than their smaller counter parts. The added legs add stability for its heavier weaponry and allow it to accurately hit targets while moving at high speed, even over rough terrain.


Top Speed: 80 mph over even terrain
Jump Distance: 70 feet
Jump Height: 30 feet
Armor: 190
Shield: 40
Impact Shield: Impact shielding only covers a small area, but all of its power is in that small area. This is used to boost the defensive power of the cyborg’s standard shield.
Jump Pack: A more powerful jump pack is attached to the cyborg’s back and lower waist. This is used to augment its ability to leap or give itself a sudden burst of acceleration while running.
Decentralized Nervous System: Cyborgs are made using a human clone. Although, the genetic code that has been used to create these clones has been steadily tweaked and improved over the centuries, and now these clones are human in appearance only. One of these improvements is that the cyborg possesses multiple linked brains spread out across its body. This increases the amount of data that it is able to process, allowing it to more easily and efficiently react to battlefield changes. This also prevents the cyborg from being killed after it has had its head shot clean off. It certainly won’t be working at peak efficiency, but it will still be operational.
Sensor Pits: The cyborgs mechanical body is covered in sensor pits that feed an omnidirectional view into the cyborgs multiple brains. These sensors are strong enough to see through personal stealth fields at short ranges and can pick out targets miles away. In the event that a cyborg should have its head violently relocated, the cyborg can still see.
Disruptor Fusion: The bottom of the cyborg’s feet are able to use a disruptor field to fuse to whatever material they stand on. This allows them to run up walls or across ceilings. Provided of course, that they can hold its weight.
Survival: Cyborgs are designed both mechanically and biologically to survive in the harshest conditions. Their skin is resistant to intense heat and cold and can even withstand the vacuum of space for limited periods of time. As mentioned above, they can survive the loss of a head. They can even survive the destruction of their central power core. They will eventually shutdown and die due to power loss, but this takes several minutes of intense power draw [see combat] as its reserves are depleted.
Emergency Sonic Weapon: The cyborg’s vocalizer can be used as a crude sonic weapon, rupturing a biological’s blood vessels or just disorienting them long enough for the cyborg to retaliate.

Armament Right Heavy
-Particle Cannon: Particle Cannons fire a continuous stream of heavy particles at high speeds that rip a target apart, atom by atom. This weapon can cut through even the thickest armor.
-Disruptor Cannon: Firing a powerful beam of disruptor energy. Disruptor energy has the ability to bleed through shielding. Due to the power draw of this weapon, it has a very slow firing rate of only 15 shots per minute.
-Plasma Cannon: Hot explodey death.
-Missile Pod: Missile pods use either concussion or disruptor missiles, depending on the cyborg’s mission. Concussion missile cause massive explosions that wreck havoc against masses of infantry, but can’t pierce enemy armor. Disruptor missiles can penetrate into an enemy tank before exploding, causing tremendous damage. Missile pods can hold up to twenty missiles.
-Quad Barreled Grenade Launcher: Each barrel can fire a high explosive shell independent of each other. This can lay down an erratic field of fire or all barrels can be fired at once just to make sure that what ever the cyborg is shooting at dies.

Armament Right Light
-Heavy Quad Pulse Rifle: Four pulse rifles are strapped together into a single weapon, making up for the weapon’s only fault: its rate of fire.
-Multi-Laser: Six lasers are linked into a single weapon, allowing it to sustain an almost unending barrage of laser fire.
-Disruptor Resonance Cannon: This short range weapon rarely gets deployed into combat. Instead being seen mostly on cyborgs that are defending Iron Bastions and military vessels, or during boarding actions.

Armament Left
-Claw: Level 3 cyborgs possess three mechadendrites, each ending in a claw sporting a disruptor field. What makes these cyborgs even more terrifying in close combat is that each claw is built around a short range weapon of some sort.
-Cutting Laser: These laser are only effective up to fifteen feet, but can slice through tank armor with contemptible ease at that range. And the closer to the emitter the more powerful the laser is.
-Flamethrower: Makes things extra crispy.
-Laser Rifle: Although not nearly as powerful as the sort used by their smaller cousins, these lasers are still deadly enough to kill an armored man. It might take a bit to eat through his armor, but he will die.

-Melee: The cyborgs trade their heavy weapon for three more mechadendrites. Making these variants particularly fearsome in close combat. In addition to the added close range weapons, they also gain an additional Impact Shield generator.
-Heavy Range: Exact opposite of the Melee Variant, these cyborgs  trade their mechadendrites for a heavy weapon. Instead of gaining an Impact Shield, these variants lose their Impact Shield, as the power draw would be too intense.
-Stealth: In gaining a shimmer field, these variants lose their disruptor fields and standard shielding. However, they can still retain their impact shield, even if they can’t use it and the shimmer field at the same time. These variants utilize Thermal Cannons to melt enemy armor. Thermal Cannons work slightly differently than thermal rifles in that they fire a continuous beam of thermal energy at a target. It then fires more powerful thermal pulses along this beam that rapidly superheat its target. Its light weapon is replace with four thermal rifles that allow it to engage enemy infantry without revealing its position. At the end of its mechadendrites, it has Variable Thermal rifles instead of claws. Variable Thermal rifles can fire either a small, concentrated beam that can engage a target at long distances, or as a wide cone that is only effective up to twenty feet.
-Aquatic: Jump packs are replaced with water jets. Little else actually changes.
-Zero-G: Level 3 Zero-G variants are better armored than the standard model, leaving no exposed flesh. These variants trade their jump packs for a single Warp Field Generator, allowing it to travel in any direction. In a zero-g environment, these cyborgs will attempt to affix themselves to anything that will better allow them to fire their heavy weapons without needing to realign themselves after firing.

Usually working in squads of three or four, they act as powerful anti-armor hit and run units. They are not limited to tank popping, as many of their weapons more than lend themselves to pinning down enemy infantry, or even destroying bunkers and light weapon emplacements, and can even engage low* flying aircraft. In addition to these roles, they excel at clearing enclosed spaces, such as enemy ships, underground caverns, or fortresses, of hostiles.
In addition to their offensive role, they are commonly seen wandering the halls of military vessels and key military installations, defending them from intruders, either overt or covert.

Additional Notes
-While over 70% of the Immortal Empire’s population are considered cyborgs, here the word cyborg refers specifically to a hybrid of man and machine with no or limited free will.
*With aircraft that can leave the atmosphere under their own power, ‘low’ becomes relative here.


Level 4: Titan
captainIronstar Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
He just looks like a lovely chap.
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