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Re: Immortal Empire Soldiers Human by 0verlordofyou Re: Immortal Empire Soldiers Human by 0verlordofyou
The soldiers of the Immortal Empire are the back bone of the entire military. Without them conquering worlds and subduing uprisings would be next to impossible. Because of the various types of augmentations that a civilian can undergo the basic soldier is split up into three categories: Unaugmented, Bio-Engineered, and Cybernetically Augmented. Those that have both biological and cybernetic augmentation are grouped in with the Bio-Engineered.
Every soldier gets their very own power armor. This armor strengthens and protects them. On its back is a short range jump jet attached to a power pack. They won’t be flying about the battlefield, but they can leap up to fifty feet or over any obstacles they may find blocking their way. These jump jets also make it incredibly difficult to keep the soldiers of the Immortal Empire pinned down. Some variants of the jump jet exist that allow the user to jump several hundred feet or allow for sustained flight.
The armor’s power pack is the combination of a generator and a battery. It supplies the suit with enough power to operate for up to five years, but constantly using the jump pack and keeping the shields active reduces the operational time from five years to just less than one year. The power pack is charged in many ways. Simply moving the armor feeds the power pack, as does any form of solar light. The power generated in this method is only noticeable over several weeks, but does help to improve the suit’s performance. The main way that power is generated is that the power pack burns the same fuel that feeds the engines of the empire’s tanks. The power pack can also be charge by any standard generator feeding directly into it. Fully charging a completely depleted power pack takes several hours.
The armor doesn’t just increase the user’s strength, but also their senses. Several modes of vision with dozens of settings allow soldiers to fight when others would be blind. The helmet is packed with sensors that give the soldier inside 360 degrees of vision, though only those that have been augmented can use this to its fullest. Unaugmented humans will only have a vague idea of what is around them. They will be able to sense movement and make out basic objects. This ability has lead to some thinking that the soldiers of the Immortal Empire have a sixth sense.
Hearing is boosted and at the same time protected. This helps the soldier to pick out a spoken command over the din of battle or hear a person attempting to sneak past them.
In the cases of extreme emergency the suit’s vocalizer can be used as a crude sonic weapon, rupturing a biological’s blood vessels or just disorienting them long enough to escape or fight back.
The armor can be sealed in an instant to protect against biological or radiological contamination. An unaugmented user can remain in their armor for up to three months before the armor loses its ability to safely replenish its air supply. A cybernetically augmented individual, requiring less oxygen, can remain in their suit for more than a year.
The bottom of the armor’s boots are able to fuse to almost any surface and allow the user to walk straight up a vertical surface or across any ceiling that can support their weight.

The Unaugmented
This particular human has not be augmented in any way. This can be either for a religious reason, a personal moral choice, or they could have just been too poor to afford them. Never the less, thanks to their standard equipment, they are more than a capable of carrying there own weight in a battle.
Standard Gear
Armor: Offers protection and improves strength, endurance, and maneuverability.
Armor Rating: 100
Shield Rating: 30
Weapons: Every soldier comes with a T-50 Pulse Rifle, a T-24 Pulse Pistol, and two combat knifes as standard equipment. Pulse weapons fire a concentrated burst of energy that will first superheat an object and then delivers a kinetic kick to the now really hot (and ideally melted) object. They possess a respectable rate of fire of 50 pulses per minute and the capacity to fire 800 rounds before the fuel cell needs to be replaced. If hooked directly into a power source (such as the soldier’s power pack) it can fire almost indefinitely. However, if this is done the gun has an unfortunate habit of either melting or exploding if it is fired for too long. Along with the standard Pulse weapon a soldier may be given a heavy weapon to carry into battle as well.
Heavy Weapons
-T-22 Pulse Cannon: A heavier counter part to the Pulse Rifle, the T-22 trades rate of fire for pure power.
-T-10 Heavy Pulse Rifle: Very rare, these weapons are used to pin down enemy soldiers behind cover or take down light vehicles. Has to be connected to the power pack.
-Kabur T-3 Grenade Launcher: Semi-automatic cannon that fires shells the size of a man's fist packed with high explosives. Always a favorite.
-Flamethrower: The weapon researchers of the Empire have managed to triple the range, quadruple the flame’s heat, and massively increase the amount of fuel it carries compared to modern day equivalents. It still has a nasty habit of blowing up if the fuel tank gets hit however.
-Plasma Cannon: The anti-armor choice of soldiers who don't find the prospect of hefting high explosive missiles around to be comforting.
-Missile Launcher: The anti-armor choice of soldiers who don't find the prospect of hefting an unstable plasma bomb around to be comforting.
-T-75 Disruptor Cannon: Large, cumbersome, and with a slow firing rate a disruptor cannon can punch through even the heaviest armor. Because a disruptor blast does no damage to the area surrounding the beam these weapons need to be aimed carefully at vital components of an enemy vehicle, such as its engine or form of locomotion or even at the crew inside it. Has to be connected to the power pack.
-T-30 Disruptor Resonance Cannon: Used in ship boarding operations or when clearing out a structure. Generally anywhere there is going to be close quarters combat. Has to be connected to the power pack.

The Bio-Engineered
Engineered to be tougher than the standard human, a lot tougher. Most notable is the size difference. This allows them to be stuffed full of back-up systems allowing them to keep living (and therefore fighting) even after they suffer wounds that would kill a normal human. Their size also allows them to use much larger armor and weapons. This makes them great for holding vital areas or storming a fortified position. Nothing strikes fear into an enemy like having an army of super human giants in power armor suddenly drop from the sky.
Standard Gear
Armor: Again, they get heavy power armor. But their armor isn't just larger to accommodate their bigger size but also much bulkier allowing them to shrug off most incoming fire. Because their armor is larger and heavier the jump jet is larger as well.
Armor Rating: 180
Shield Rating: 45
Weapons: They get a T-32 Pulsar Rifle, a T-24 Pulse Pistol, a combat knife, and a sword. They can also get a heavy weapon.
Heavy Weapons
-T-32 Pulse Cannon: The T-32 is a double barreled variant of the Pulse Cannon. This can either double its rate of fire by firing one barrel and then the other, or increase the damage by firing both barrels at the same time.
-T-12 Heavy Pulse Rifle: Not as rare as the ones used by the unaugmented simply because these soldiers are large enough to wield the weapon with some form of grace. Has to be connected to the power pack.
-Sireen T-45 Triple Hunk Grenade Launcher: Also known as the Exploder. Also known as the Angry Hornet. Also known as That Shotgun That Shoots Grenades. The T-45 Triple Hunk Grenade Launcher, incase you couldn’t tell, is a three barreled automatic grenade launcher. It has several settings that allow it to fire like a machine gun, a semi-automatic, or like a shotgun. Almost everybody who uses it ignores the other two settings and just uses the shotgun setting. Firing three grenades in a spread pattern this weapon is devastating against groups of concentrated infantry and light vehicles.
-Flamethrower Attachment: This is an optional attachment for the soldier's other weapons. A small, short range flamethrower that can be used to clear bunkers or flush an enemy out of hiding.
-Plasma Cannon: Larger and more dangerous than those mentioned above.
-Multi-Missile Launcher: Fires more missiles at once than the one above.
-T-75 Disruptor Cannon: Exactly the same as above, but thanks to the soldier’s increased size the weapon is no longer as awkward. Has to be connected to the power pack.
-T-29 Disruptor Resonance Cannon: Same as above.

Cybernetically Augmented
These soldiers are more machine than human and are feared by all that face them. They carry some of the most fearsome weapons and are almost impossible to kill. Every limb ends in a weapon of some sort. With strength that no normal man can match they can easily tear a tank apart using nothing but their feet. It takes a while but they can do it. They can continue to fight even after losing limbs or organs that would put even a biologically augmented man out of commission.
Standard Gear
Armor: Standard armor that has been adjusted to better fit them. Some of the armor is actually attached directly to their limbs.
Armor Rating: 200
Shield Rating: 40
Weapons Right Arm:
-T-55 Pulse Rifle: A superior model to the T-50, the T-55 can fire for longer before it overheats and explodes. Is always connected to the power pack.
-T-33 Disruptor Resonance Cannon: A smaller, more compact resonance cannon, the T-33 is just as powerful as those mentioned above. Is always connected to the power pack.
-Plasma Cannon: A powerful anti-armor weapon. A cybernetically augmented soldier can interface directly with the weapon and adjust it so that it can fire low power anti-infantry shoots at a higher rate. Is always connected to the power pack.
-T-14 Multi-Laser: Six lasers are attached to a single weapon frame. The multi-laser fires low power laser pulses, but has a fire rate of 600 pulses per minute. The shear number of laser shots can melt through almost any armor. Is always connected to the power pack.
Weapons Left Arm:
-Claw: A disruptor field cloaks the soldier’s claw and allows it to rip apart enemy armor or fight enemy soldiers in melee.
-Kabur T-4a Grenade Attachment: An attachment for the soldier’s left arm, this launcher fires smaller grenades than the full sized equivalent, but can fire more of them quicker. This is devastating when coupled with the soldier’s other weapons. Is belt fed from a ammo case carried on the soldiers back.
-Flamethrower Attachment: An attachment for the soldier’s left arm, this flamethrower is just as powerful as the full sized one.
-Plasma Cannon Attachment: An attachment for the soldier’s left arm, this powerful anti-armor weapon isn’t as strong its full scale equivalent. A cybernetically augmented soldier can interface directly with the weapon and adjust it so that it can fire low power anti-infantry shoots at a higher rate. Is always connected to the power pack.
-T-55a Pulse Rifle Attachment: An attachment for the soldier’s left arm, this pulse rifle is just as powerful as the one detailed above. Is always connected to the power pack.
Weapons Cybernetic Right/Left Arm (optional): Should these arms be attached they can equip the same weapons listed above. Generally, these arms have fine manipulator claws use for very precise work. A disruptor field can be activated on these claws to turn them into fearsome weapons.

Immortal Empire soldiers are tough but are not immortal. Should they be injured they need some one to patch them up. Medics have never had an easy job, but with all the augmentations available it is difficult to know exactly how to treat a patient. Sometimes a soldier needs a medic and sometimes they need a mechanic, either for them or their armor. A medic is equal parts doctor and mechanic. A medic is also equal parts man and machine. They all have cybernetic augmentations, simply because they couldn’t do their job other wise. They need to be strong enough to haul an armored man weighing a ton to safety. They need to be able to operate almost a dozen tools at the same time. To help them work they have two kinds of mechadendrites. On is flexible and equipped with a moderately powerful cutting laser, to help get a man out of his armor. This flexible arm is used for some of the finer, more precise jobs. The other is a heavy lifter that is more than able to lift a light vehicle and with the proper positioning can even lift a medium tank. On the medic’s left arm is an auto-surgeon device. This device can perform basic medical procedures and can be used manually should the job at hand prove too complex for it. The medic isn’t defenseless. They carry a T-24 Pulse Pistol for defense and in a pinch can use the cutting laser to fend of an attacker. Should an enemy start to purposely target the Immortal Empire’s medics, these doctor/mechanics will don armor that more closely resembles the other soldiers.
Armor Rating: 120
Shield Rating: 30

Snipers of the Immortal Empire use a stealth suit to strike from the shadows. This stealth suit, known as a shimmer suit, projects a field that distorts visible light around the user. The helmet the sniper uses doesn’t rely on visible light so is unaffected by the field. Should the need arise the field’s power can be increased so that all light is distorted around the suit. This does decrease the sniper’s vision to only a couple dozen feet, but he becomes invisible. And not just to the eye but to sensors as well. At the standard setting a sniper appears smaller than he actually is. At the maximum setting the sniper become invisible to all but the most powerful sensors. The distance he engages targets at, a sniper rarely has to turn the shimmer field all the way up. The sniper’s helmet also helps to keep him alive. The helmet as Active Noise Control, meaning that any noise the sniper makes the helmet plays back that same sound at the same amplitude but with an inverted phase. This cancels the noise and the sniper can remain unheard even when yelling at an enemy’s back.
Armor Rating: 10
Shield Rating: 0
-T-159 Thermal Rifle: The T-159 Thermal Rifle fires a concentrated pulse of thermal energy. In one pull of the trigger the rifle fires sixty thermal pulses in .5 seconds. The rifle has a maximum effective range of nine miles against an armored target. Against a soft target the rifle has an effective range of twenty-eight miles. This is all dependent on the atmospheric conditions being ideal. The rifle makes no noise but with thermal imaging and some deductive reasoning it is possible to back trace where the shots came from. But by then the sniper would have fired five more times and been moving.
-T-101 Thermal Pistol: The thermal pistol works in the same way as the thermal rifle. It is a way to kill a target and still remain undetected.
-Vorpal Blade: One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!

A vorpal blade is also known as the ‘Bladeless Blade’ is a blade with its own shimmer field. The blade is distorted horribly and when in a fight can confuse an opponent into thinking the blade is where it isn’t. Because a disruptor field interferes with the shimmer field, the blade lacks any way to cut through an opponent’s armor so care has to be used in were to place the blade. Research is currently being done on the weapons made by the Urdonts to make these blades as deadly as the others in the Immortal Empire.
Combat Knife: Standard combat knife equipped with a disruptor field.
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