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August 19, 2013
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T-10 Dreadnought 'Leviathan' by 0verlordofyou T-10 Dreadnought 'Leviathan' by 0verlordofyou
The T-10 Devastator class warships are the most powerful weapons in the Immortal Empire. Due to the complexities and flat out cost in resources involved in creating them, only sixteen of these vessels exist with twelve more being constructed. Each Region of the Immortal Empire has at least one, with Region 1 having three and Region 6 having two. Homer Stravour, Champion of the Immortal Empire, was gifted one of these vessels to use as his personal flagship, which he named ‘Leviathan.’ The ‘Leviathan’ is currently operating in the Ancerious galaxy. While there are other T-10 vessels in the galaxy, they each hold a council member and will attempt to avoid any conflict if at all possible.

T-10 Devastator Stats
Length: 328 miles
Height: 72 miles
Width: 127 miles

Void Distortion Cannon

Continuous Fire T-10 Magna-Disruptor Cannon:
While the void distortion cannon is cooling down and recharging or waiting for a better shot/target, the main firing chamber can be used to fire a continuous beam of disruptor energy. This beam can sweep across an enemy fleet dealing tremendous damage and vaporizing most ships in an instant.

13 Total Conversion Cannons:
The total conversion cannon (or just TC cannon) fires an energy beam that converts matter into energy. These weapons are almost completely useless against shields. But once those shields are out of the way any ship targeted by these weapons will find itself riddled with nuclear explosions as its hull is turned into energy.

3 T-10 Magna-Disruptor Cannons:
These are the second largest ship mounted disruptor weapons in the empire and are more than capable of destroying a standard sized ship in one blast. In planetary bombardments the weapons perform rather poorly, only destroying the area hit by the disruptor beam. While it can be used to target weak points in the crust of a planet, it amounts to little more than a pinprick.
57 T-8 Magna-Disruptor Cannons
14 T-5 I.R.K. Cannons
56 T-3 I.R.K. Cannons
1,000 T-6 Heavy Plasma Projectors
30,000 T-7 Plasma Burst Cannons
35,000 T-7 Dual Quad-Linked Laser Turrets
50,000 T-7 Point Defenses
2,000 Torpedo Tubes

Class 4 Void Shield: Unlike regular shielding, void shields cannot be overwhelmed. Void shield generators work by opening a one way portal to the void that intercepts incoming weapon fire. These generators create a portal about 1 mile across. With thousands of these generators located across the ship, a Devastator warship could be considered invulnerable. However, there is a limit to how long a generator can keep a void portal open before it needs to cooldown and recharge. A class 4 generator can maintain its void portal for two minutes before it needs to cooldown for 8 minutes. Because of this, the generators are only activated briefly to intercept the more powerful weapons aimed at the ship. But because some weapons are able to travel faster than sensors can report (weapons that travel at or close to light speed) the Devastator relies on several CABAL hubs dedicated solely to predicting enemy attacks. CABAL has an 89% accuracy rating in battlefield prediction. This accuracy does require CABAL to have studied an enemy’s attack method beforehand, though even in the middle of a battle it only takes a minute for CABAL to adapt.
Armor Rating: 580,000,000
Shield Rating: 5,000,000,000
AR Shield Rating: 320,000,000

A Devastator does not possess plasma burst engines and as a result suffers in the acceleration department. However, with banks of highly advanced Warp Field Generator engines the ship is far from stationary. While the massive ship loses acceleration it is surprisingly maneuverable. The ship is built well enough that it can perform sudden stops and turns without tearing itself in half.

Additional notes about the Devastator:
Scientist have theorized that a Devastator’s shielding is so strong that it could ram a medium sized planet at full speed, plow straight through it, and emerge on the other side with its shield still barely intact. Though, nobody has been crazy enough to try this. Except Carron. His crew however were not as crazy and he was unable to even try.
Unlike most Immortal Empire vessels, the main command bridge is located deep within the core of the vessel. With armor several miles thick the main bridge can withstand the destruction of the rest of the ship. With its own void jump generators, the main bridge can safely escape even if the rest of the ship is unable to.
A Devastator is more of a fleet than a ship. It carries several planetary harvesters with it that can fuel the vast nano-lathing facilities it carries. These facilities can manufacture anything that the ship might need. From armor to repair damage to drone warships to help defend it. As long as it is small enough to fit inside them, the facilities can make it.
Currently there are twelve of these ships under construction back in the Immortal Empire. But it is going to take several more years before they are ready for combat.
The void jump generators aboard a Devastator warship are slightly more advanced than in other ships. There are also a lot more of them. This helps to prevent any catastrophic failure while in the void.
Like all Immortal Empire warships a Devastator contains several CABAL hubs. Ten to be exact, with five in the main command sphere and the other five located throughout the ship.
While a Devastator can jump to the void for what appears to be instantaneous cooldown for its main gun, the truth is that attempting to cooldown the main weapon while in the void takes nearly five times as long. The gun may recharge just as fast but firing it before it has had a chance to properly cooldown can severely damage the weapon.

The ‘Leviathan’ is Homer’s personal flagship. Unlike most commanders of the Immortal Empire, Homer prefers to enter the battle personally. He is well aware that he is always the largest target and uses this to his advantage. Truthfully he relishes the added difficulty.

Artistic note: I would like to have done more with this, but my computer can't handle it.
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328 Miles? That's 527.86kms.  That's almost half the UK! Over kill much?
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0verlordofyou Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
A lot and then some. Has absurdly powerful shielding, another shield made specifically to counter energy weapons, and armor is several miles thick in most places and about ten miles at its thickest. And then it has void shielding which isn't shielding at all but a one way portal to the place between dimensions and universes and is therefore impenetrable. Sounds like cheating but it can't be used all the time as every second it's used it needs four to cool down.
HDReaper Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
Ten miles thick armour? Damn. What are you planning on doing? Taking over the galaxy.
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Pfft. No... the universe
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