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T-4 Drone Carrier by 0verlordofyou T-4 Drone Carrier by 0verlordofyou
T-4 Drone Carrier

Length: 28,400ft [6mi]
Width: 22,263ft [4.22mi]
Height: 5,608ft [1.06mi]
- Durasteel in a metal matrix composite with its amorphous counterpart.
- Upper layer of circuitry smart armor.
Armor Rating:
-Standard Shield Generators
- AR Shield Generators
-Void Shield Generators
Shield Rating:
- ∞
Engine: Warp Field Generator [224]
-Hypermatter Reactor [13]
-Secondary Hypermatter Reactor [52]
-Tertiary Hypermatter Reactor [160]
-Tri-Disruptor Cannons [8]
-Dual Kinetic Energy Cannons [8]
-Tri-Plasma Cannons [48]
-Dual Plasma Cannons [16]
-Quad-Kinetic Bombardment Cannons [4]
-Tri-Laser Turret [2400]
-Missile Rack [800]
-Point Defense Laser [9600]
Specialty Equipment:
-Interference Node [8]
-Nanolaything Facility [4]
-Void Jump Generator [20]
-Drone Control Core*[4]
-C.A.B.A.L. Hub [5]


The T-4 Drone Carrier is a heavily armed and armored behemoth that is an entire fleet in and of itself. This isn’t simply because of its size, but also because it actually contains an entire fleet. The ship can hold 800 T-3 Assault Drones, 12,000 Fighter Drones, 12,000 Aero-Fighter Drones, 8,000 Shadow Bombers, and 20,000 Drone Spheres. In addition to this standard load out, these ships are generally accompanied by two or four planetary harvesters that harvest slag to fuel the foundries of the carrier. These in turn can churn out new drones**, even in the middle of combat.

Drone carriers are the back bone the Immortal Empire’s presence in the new galaxy. Yet despite their power, drone carriers tend to hang back in a battle. Instead letting the drones they carry do the fighting and lending fire support where they can. These ships won’t be plunging into the heart of an enemy fleet anytime soon.

*The Drone Control Core does not actively control drones. All it does is act as a relay to help the transfer of information between drones during combat. The drones don’t need this to share information; it just works to bolster their ability to work together as a unit. It also serves as the central point for the collective consciousness that T-3 Assault Drones share. Each Drone Carrier and its associate assault drone fleet will be a separate collective from one another.
**This doesn’t mean it can produce T-3 Assault Drones mid-combat. Just fighter and bomber drones.
Additional Note:
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student General Artist
I have to say im loving all the IEs new ship designs they look really nice man!
0verlordofyou Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Thanks. I'm quite enjoying them as well.
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