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The Overlord by 0verlordofyou The Overlord by 0verlordofyou
The Overlord

The Overlord was born sometime during the late 20th century. Exactly when and where is know only by a very select few on the Council of Thirteen. What is known is that very early on in his life he was tutored by Drizz, then known as Frederick Holsteen. As Frederick’s pupil, the Overlord was taught everything from fine dining etiquette to military strategy and advanced science. Unfortunately Frederick doesn’t know which of his pupils became the Overlord as he’s never bothered to ask.

In the year 2006, the Overlord began his global conquest by overthrowing the government of Sudan. Those that supported him during his rise turned on him as soon as they were in power. The Overlord, having already prepared for such an event, used experimental cybernetics to either enslaved or killed those that betrayed him (it was experimental tech; the chance it would work properly was 60/40.

Over the next 15 years the Overlord subjugated 90% of Africa, 25% of South America, 15% of the Middle East, 17% of Asia, and 3% of Europe. In addition to military might, he used a little heavy handed politics to secure some nations without a fight. He also had agents infiltrate foreign nations in order to form cult like groups that would either willing defect to the empire or actively sabotage their own nation when the Empire eventually invaded.

When the remaining nations of the world allied against him, the Overlord knew that his empire was not going to win. So he set about gathering the brightest minds in the empire to work on faster than light travel. It took a surprisingly short time, four years, to work out FTL travel. So during the year 2026, the empire began evacuating its civilian population into space. Over the next six years, over three billion people where sent to the stars. The Overlord was amongst the last to leave Earth.

The Empire spent the next three decades wandering through space, looking for a suitable planet to inhabit. During this time the Overlord set about the creation of the Council of Thirteen, the main ruling body for the Empire. He chose one thousand men and women that he thought would be beneficial to the empire’s future. During this time he also pioneered in scientific breakthroughs and discoveries. It was during this exodus that he began investigating the Void and the possible applications it provided. He also developed the first disruptor field.

The empire’s exodus came to an end when they came upon a binary system with four Earth like planets. This system was given the name ‘Glade.’ The planets were named Isis, Osiris, Anubis, and at Carron’s request, Bob.

The Overlord spent the next forty seven years directly overseeing his empire’s development. It was during this time that the Amood where discovered and integrated into the empire. Shortly after the Amood the Cli’sorr were discovered. The Overlord had to order that the new aliens be absorbed as peacefully as possible into the empire. In 2071 a catastrophic disaster struck the Council of Thirteen that saw the death of four council members. The Overlord was missing for more than three years after the incident and many speculated that he too had died. But he did eventually remerge, apparently none the worse for wear. He refused to answer any questions about what had transpired during his absence or even about what had happened to the council members that had died three years ago.

Currently the Overlord has taken a much more passive role in running the empire and has instead dedicated himself to scientific advancement Mostly in the fields of void tech, hyper-state matter, and multidimensional travel, but really anything that intrigues him enough he’ll look into. He is also spending as much time as he can raising his youngest child.

Additional Information

The only family that the Overlord has is his adopted children, which he has three of.

His eldest son is Griegor, who he rescued from a battlefield back on Earth. Griegor is currently a council member and is in charge of Region 8.
Current Age: 159

The middle child is Lobochetzki. Lobochetzki, or Lobo, was found by the Overlord during a visit to a newly formed colony. The Overlord found the boy lying in a gutter and upon discovering that he had no parents, picked the boy up and just took him. Lobo was a bit rebellious in his youth, but still respected his father. Currently, Lobo is among the Immortal Empire’s greatest scientists. He is following in his father’s foot steps and researching the void and how to best exploit it. He is stationed at Sabatonne and working with a team of fifty.
Current Age: 52

The youngest is Tanya. The girl’s mother was living in Sabatonne and had committed suicide while she was still pregnant. It is still unknown if the woman had known she was pregnant at the time. News of the event quickly reached the Overlord. When he inquired into what was to become of the fetus he was disappointed to learn that nothing was planned. Apparently the medical team that had responded to the scene thought that the embryo was too underdeveloped to save. So the Overlord took the fetus of the girl and made sure that it reached maturity. Tanya is the only one to have been raised from birth by the Overlord. She is mostly seen hanging out with her father as the two have a very close bond. She is currently attending a public school, where she isn’t allowed to tell anyone who her real father is, instead being picked up and dropped off by a ‘fake father.’ Her favorite food is marshmallows and she likes unicorns. Her favorite unicorn is Fluff-butt who she rides almost every day.
Current Age: 13

Personality: The Overlord can graciously be considered cold and distant to those that are not in the Council of Thirteen. Those that are on the council would say that he is actually quite funny when he wants to be, but is mostly quite serious. They would also say that he has something of a temper and a knack for insults. They’d also mention that he is a loving father and that this doesn’t apply only to his children. He genuinely cares about the well being of his people.

Height: 12’ (not including the spikes on helmet)
Weight:  2900 lb
Armor: Durasteel HC-2,000,041 (Current)
Shielding: None
Weaponry: None

[classified until it isn’t anymore]

Tech Based Powers:
Hyper-condense Kinetic Punch Pads: Thousands of them are located all over his armor. This allows him to repel physical attacks without even moving. They also allow him to send almost any object he touches flying. Or if said object is too large for the pad to affect, see space ship, then it just impacts the objects surface and interior. This usually causes catastrophic structural damage. Can also be toned down to incapacitated living creatures with just a touch. Or can be turned up to eleven to send a living creature’s skull and brain matter, or equivalent, flying back with such force that it can easily penetrate several of the poor creature’s friends. And their friends’ friends, too. Carron calls it the ‘Brain Cannon, the thinking man’s weapon of choice!’
Hyper-condense Disruptor Field Generators: Each plate of the Overlord’s armor is littered with disruptor field generators. This gives the Overlord the ability to turn any part of his body into a weapon. Not only does it turn his entire body into a weapon but also strengthens his already strong armor. He can’t use these devices and the warp field generators at the same time as the two fields they generate affect each other.
Hyper-condense Force Field Generation: The Overlord is capable of generating multiple force fields, each more than capable of warding off a T-9 super-dreadnaught. He can use these force fields to block attacks or form them to manipulate objects or into blades for attack. He can even use the fields to move himself. Really he is only limited by his imagination and a range of three thousand feet. This is often mistaken for telekinesis.
Vision: The Overlord’s helmet and several sections of his armor are pitted with sensors, giving him an omnidirectional, multidimensional field of vision that extends for more than a hundred miles in all directions. This gives him a ‘sphere of understanding’ that allows him to know almost everything within it. He can even read a living being’s neural network to know what they know and even what they’re currently thinking. Even beings and creatures that are resistant or even immune to psychics and telepathy are susceptible to this ability. It does take a minute or so of conversation before the Overlord can accurately read an individual’s brain, as everyone is slightly different. Now, being able to see through clothing, he can also use this ability to ogle an entire city of women from orbit. But being the gentleman and scholar that he is, he refuses to do so.
Hyper-condense Warp Field Generators: These are the same type of engine that the large ships of the Immortal Empire use to maneuver. Here they exist in a hyper-condense state, making them roughly the size of a human hair. The Overlord can use these to hover about like a boss or even use them for interstellar travel, as they allow him to travel faster than light without a space craft.
Hyper-condense Void Jump Generator: Works the same as standard void jump generators. The only difference is the scale. Most personal units are only safe up to several hundred feet. The Overlord’s are slightly more powerful than those used by warships and allow him to move instantaneously from one star system to another safely.
Void Field Generation: The Overlord is capable of opening one and two way portals into the void. This is mostly used as the ultimate form of defense, sending attacks and attackers into the void where they just cease to exist. When he opens a two way portal into the void, what was there is converted into energy and rushes back out, causing quite a spectacular explosion. The Overlord can combine this with a force field to direct the explosion for extra fun. One way portals are much more practical as he doesn’t need to worry about being caught up in an all consuming explosion. He can generate these portals in a vast variety of shapes, ranging from simple squares to complex multi-limbed figures. The Overlord uses these mostly for defense but can just as easily use them to cleave through opponents or to simply erase them from existence. This can be taken to the extreme, isolating small sections of reality from the universe completely, effectively creating a miniature universe. He hasn’t really ever needed to use this so isn’t really sure if it will prove to be a practical ability or not. But he can still do it! With enough information, see A [EXPLETIVE] LOT, the Overlord is able to create void portals, two connected openings that allow for safe and instantaneous travel between two points. The further the distance between the two the more power and data is required. Realistically, this is only good for up to several million miles, but it isn’t impossible for two void portals to be created trillions of miles apart. The mental strain and power draw would be so immense that only a deity could realistically do it. Well, a deity or a semi-mortal man with a really big brain and an unrealistically powerful energy source. And the Overlord has both!

[Artist Note: I think that’s everything. This was mostly to give the Overlord more depth as a character, instead of just being the Overlord. I gave him a more in depth history to show that he doesn’t just sit around making up rules for people to follow. He also now has two more children. Admittedly one of those children is a 52 year old man that is researching new and interesting ways to rip holes in the universe.]
Theme music: This, this, and this one as well.
Overlord "I am alive!"
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