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Void Ship T-7 CDSS-3 by 0verlordofyou Void Ship T-7 CDSS-3 by 0verlordofyou

Void Ship: T-7 CDSS-3


Void ships are what happens when complete disregard for life meets a savagery that just can’t be held back. Void ships are almost as dangerous to their crews as they are to any enemy. Almost.

These ships were designed by Carron and then promptly banned by the Council of Thirteen. Carron, being Carron, proceeded to ignore them. He then proceeded to prove that their effectiveness greatly outweighed how insanely dangerous they were to the crew. The Council then agreed, begrudgingly, that the ships were incredibly powerful and could be a great addition to their arsenal. They also agreed that these ships were so dangerous that no one should ever be forced to crew them. Instead, the crew would be made up of volunteers. Since not everybody in the Immortal Empire is insane, this has kept the number of these vessels relatively low. Except in Region 11, where everyone is either insanely brave or just plain insane.


Length: 1 mile

Width:~3600 ft




Tactical Void Distortion Cannon

Void ships are all built around a tactical scale void distortion cannon. Obviously, these weapons lack the planet ending power of those found on T-10 ships, but they are still unendingly powerful in their own right. They also lack both the range and control of their larger cousins, with a maximum range of only 500 million miles and only one power setting. The area of effect is only 4000 ft across but its destructive power is absolute. The only way to not take damage from this weapon is to simply not be where it fires. Because the projectile rips reality apart the ‘projectile’ isn’t limited by the speed of light or even time, making it a truly instantaneous weapon.


In addition to its primary effect, tearing a hole in the universe creates what the scientists of the Immortal Empire have termed gravotonic lightning. The sudden collapse of space time as it tries to fill the hole causes it to become a tangled mess, creating a very powerful gravity well. Provided a ship managed to survive being hit by the void cannon, this secondary effect is powerful enough to pin a ship in place or even crush its weakened hull.


While the weapon is incredibly powerful, the recharge time for it is truly atrocious, ranging anywhere from 30 to a 45 minutes, depending on battlefield conditions.



-4 T-5 TC Cannon: Total Conversion Cannons deal damage to enemy ships by converting their hull into energy. While different armor types can mitigate how much of its armor is converted into energy, all matter is affected by the weapon. They are also completely useless against energy shielding as the beam has nothing to work with.

-4 T-7 Shield Disruptor: Since TC Cannons are useless against shielding, void ships are equipped with shield disruptors to complement and assist them. As the name implies, these weapons excel at knocking out enemy shielding, but that isn’t all they can do. When the projectile from a shield disruptor impacts a shield, and said shield is weak enough, it can actually punch a hole in the shield, however briefly. This can actually allow the TC cannons to fire on an enemy even while its shields are still up.

It should be noted that shield disruptors are useless against armor.


Defensive Weaponry:

-450 T-4 Point Defense: These are the only other weapons that the void ships mounts. While blasting enemy fighters with a TC cannon will turn them into little atomic explosions, it isn’t wise to do so when they’re less than a hundred feet from your hull. So the ships utilize a great many lasers to blast enemy fighters, bombers, missile, rockets, torpedoes, and other solid projectiles.



Armor: 15,000+

Shield: 25,000

AR Shield: 10,000

-Class 2 Void Shield-

Void Opening Diameter: ±4,000 ft

Void Opening Duration: 1 minute

Cooldown Ratio: 1:12

Void Shield Generators: 500


Additional Notes


Void Jump Generator: Void ships use void jump generators almost constantly in combat. And while they run the risk of catastrophic failure it is devastatingly effective against any enemy force.


Crew: Void ships are manned by a crew of four.


Command Center: Doesn’t exist. Instead, command of the ship is split up between five different areas on the ship. One for each crew member and a C.A.B.A.L. hub.


Maintenance: Dog size drones roam the small corridors to enact repairs and simple maintenance to ensure the ship continues to run properly.


Problems with Maneuverability: Void ships can change direction so fast that the most powerful inertia dampeners that can be fitted on the ship can’t fully negate the extreme forces generated. Because of this, the crew is forced to pilot the ship from within what have become known as control spheres. These control spheres are filled with an electro conductive fluid that, with careful calculations, can change from a liquid to a solid without killing the crewmember. This simply ensures that the crew doesn’t die horribly when the ship they’re piloting changes direction.


Physical Make-up: The vessels are made from Durasteel-R10. While extremely difficult to make, this gives the vessels an armor rating almost as high as an average war vessel. It also allows for very compact, yet powerful shield generators, power generators, engines, and heat sinks.

Artistic note: I was hoping to get the chance to draw it from the front, but never got to. So those two engine columns, there are two more on the other side.

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Sanity its over rated.
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