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Cyborg Soldier Level 4 Titan by 0verlordofyou Cyborg Soldier Level 4 Titan by 0verlordofyou
Level 3: Heavy Support

Level 4: Titan

Titan Cyborgs are the elite commandos. Sporting the heaviest armor and strongest shielding, these cyborgs can withstand gratuitous amounts of punishment. Add into that mix the nice array of powerful weapons they can get their metaphorical hands on and these cyborgs are better being called ‘Terror’ Class Cyborgs. But standing in at 10’ 2” ‘Titan’ fits them much better.
Naturally, there are fewer Titan cyborgs than of any other kind, but this does not mean they’re scarce. An Iron Bastion, for example could hold as many as three hundred.
Titan cyborgs are notable for retaining much more of their free will than their smaller cousins. It’s still limited, but now they can develop personalities. Arrogance being the most common trait they develop.


Top Speed: 35 mph over even terrain
Jump Distance: 20 feet
Jump Height: 15 feet
Armor: 400
Shield: 220
Impact Shield: This is a type of shielding that only covers a small area, but all of its power is being poured into that area. These hardened shielding can then be maneuvered into position to intercept heavy ordinance that the cyborg’s shields wouldn’t normally be able to withstand, boosting the defensive power of the cyborg’s standard shield. Titan cyborgs possess two impact shield generators, with one on each arm.
Shimmer Field: All Titan class cyborgs possess shimmer field generators. However, they can not use a shimmer field while they have active shielding or while using a disruptor field, and using a shimmer field decreases their vision to slightly less than a mile. In exchange for their shielding, disruptor weaponry, and a fair chunk of their sight, they become completely invisible, and make it more difficult for sensors to pin their location.
Thrust Pack: A powerful thrust pack is built into the cyborg’s back. This is used to augment its ability to leap or give itself a sudden burst of acceleration while running. A Titan’s thrust pack is built around a Warp Field Generator, which further augments its jumps, and allows it to change direction mid jump, and allows it to levitate for a limited time.
Decentralized Nervous System: Titan cyborgs take this a step further by having three full sized brains linked, with several linked brain clusters, further augmenting its ability to anticipate and react to an enemy as well as survive. It can lose two of its full sized brains and still operate are peak efficiency.
Sensor Pits: The cyborg’s body is covered in sensor pits that feed an omnidirectional view into the cyborgs multiple brains. These sensors are strong enough to see through personal stealth fields at short ranges and can pick out targets miles away. Titans are notable for possessing three times as many sensor pits as a standard cyborg. This allows tem to pick out weakness in enemy armor and shielding and accurately target said weakness.
Disruptor Fusion: The bottom of the cyborg’s feet are able to use a disruptor field to fuse to whatever material they stand on. This allows them to run up walls or across ceilings. Provided of course, that they can hold its immense weight. Titans have become notorious for affixing themselves to tanks, using them as platforms from which it can more readily engage hostiles.
Survival: Titan Cyborgs are as tough as they come. A cyborg that has been cut in half at the waist is still functional. Its upper body will pull itself along the ground, continuing to fire its weapons the entire time. And its legs will march forward to try and stomp and crush all hostiles. Admittedly, a pair of weaponless legs marching on your position wouldn’t be all that terrifying. What would be terrifying is knowing that you just wasted all your ammunition just trying to kill this marching machine, and it’s still coming at you, and there are two more behind it.
Emergency Sonic Weapon: The cyborg’s vocalizer can be used as a sonic weapon, rupturing a biological’s blood vessels or just disorienting them.

Armament Right Heavy
-Disruptor Cannon: These are the most common heavy weapons seen on Titan cyborgs. This is a more powerful variant than the one used by Level 3 cyborgs, sporting superior power and firing rate. These weapons are more than capable of blasting a hole straight through a tank. Not a tank’s armor, an entire tank. Puts a nifty little hole right in it.
Quad-Particle Cannon: These four particle cannons rotate as they fire, increasing the area that they strike. These weapons are geared more towards an anti-infantry role, and as such, are less effective against armored vehicles. But woe be unto anyone that thinks that these weapons are weak or can’t cut through tank armor.
-Magna-Plasma Cannon: Magna-Plasma Cannons fire a super concentrated bolt of plasma. Upon contact with anything solid or after a predetermined distance set before firing, the concentrated plasma bolt explodes. This explosion has been likened to a miniature nuke, minus the radiation.
-Thermal Cannon: Thermal Cannons fire a continuous beam of thermal energy at a target. It then fires more powerful thermal pulses along this beam that rapidly superheat its target. This weapon is used exclusively by Titans that are going to be engaging in covert operations.

Armament Right Light
-Heavy Quad Pulse Rifle: Four pulse rifles are strapped together into a single weapon, quadrupling a pulse weapon’s fire rate.
-Multi-Laser: What’s better than a laser? Two lasers? And what’s better than two lasers? How about ten laser all bolted together into a single weapon with a rate of fire so fast that it’s better to just say ‘uninterrupted continuous fire.’
-Disruptor Resonance Cannon: This short range weapon can turn anything it hits into subatomic dust. Unfortunately, its range is rather pitiful.
-Grenade Launcher: Shoots bullets the size of a fat man’s fist. These bullets explode upon impact, or if they get close enough.
-Rocket Launcher: Like the grenade launcher, the rocket launcher launches exploding ordinance. The only real difference is that grenades can be used to target hostiles hiding behind cover, while rockets can travel a much further distance.
-TriThermal Rifle: Three thermal rifles are combined into something of  a thermal machine gun. High rate of fire equal high damage out put, all while remaining invisible.

Armament Left
-Claw: Titan claws are powerful melee weapons, more than capable of slice an armored man in half. To make matters even better, or worse depending on where you’re standing, Titan cyborgs possess what can only be described as incomprehensible strength. Or at least it would be incomprehensible if they weren’t so huge. There are stories of Titans lifting tanks off their treads, just to shoot at its underbelly, or of them knocking light vehicles aside with what looked like a casual backhand.
-Disruptor Resonance Cannon: See above.
-Grenade Launcher: See above.
-Heavy Tri Pulse Rifle: This is very much like a Heavy Quad Pulse Rifle. Only this one is missing a pulse rifle.
-Variable Thermal Rifle: Variable Thermal Rifles can engage a target at extreme range using concentrated thermal pulses, or it can flash fry an entire squad at extremely close range.
-Particle Rifle: Fires a continuous stream of heavy particles that can cut through medium infantry with horrifying ease.
-Multi-Laser: See above, just replace ‘ten’ with ‘six.’

-Melee: The Titan’s right arm is replaced with a claw, equipped with a light weapon. These variants get two mechadendrites ending in clawed cutting lasers.
-Heavy Ordinance: This is the super fun one. The cyborg’s left arm is replaced with a heavy weapon, equipped with an additional light weapon. In addition to this, the cyborg gets two weapon pods, one for each shoulder. Weapon pods can be Missile Racks, Rocket Launchers, or Concussion Grenade Racks. Missile Racks fire either concussion or disruptor guided missiles. Rocket Launchers fire micro rockets that shoot out in much the same manner as a shot gun, peppering the area in front of the cyborg with explosion. Concussion Grenade Racks launch concussion grenades [gasp] in a high arch, allowing the cyborg to pummel an enemy position even if it doesn’t have direct line of sight.
-Aquatic: This variant utilizes water jet set into its legs and back to keep itself from plummeting to the bottom of the water [or other liquid] it is fighting in. Variant includes two torpedo racks.
-Elite Void Tech: These variants are the elites of the commandos. They sport much more advance armor, durasteel HC-10, and have void jump packs in addition to the standard thrust pack. These elite Titan’s also get six mechadendrites, four of which end in a claw built around a cutting laser, and two ending in disruptor resonance cannons. Instead of a disruptor cannon [or other heavy weapon], they utilize a void beam cannon. Void beam cannons rip a hole in reality, sending whatever they pass through into the void, where it ceases to exist. No armor or shielding can stop it. This weapon does come with a truly horrible fire rate, able to fire only 5 times in a minute. These variants are incredibly rare. Only Emerald swords have access to them, and they count themselves lucky if they get even four.

The only thing they can not do is fly, and that is debatable. Titans can fill any role, from shock troops to covert operations to guard duty to boarding party to general assault to extravehicular atmospheric reentry surprise attacks.

Additional Notes
-While over 70% of the Immortal Empire’s population are considered cyborgs, here the word cyborg refers specifically to a hybrid of man and machine with no or limited free will.
-Variable Thermal Rifles cannot flash fry an entire squad. At most it will cause minor damage. Admittedly this would be minor damage across a huge area. Unarmored humans would suffer third degree burns across the entire front of their body.
-Titans won’t be picking Main Battle Tanks up single handedly, but they are more than strong enough to lift one end off the ground, reducing its ground contact to almost nil.
-I think that’s everything.

Original Version
Size Comparison: To be uploaded soon, maybe.
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Vumpalouska Featured By Owner May 15, 2017
The thermal cannon reminds me of the "heat ray" from H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds.
meloa789 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014
Is there a higher class above this?
0verlordofyou Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014
No. Any cyborg larger and more powerful than this is classified as a machine [mech, aircraft, tank, etc.] being piloted by a cyborg brain.
meloa789 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014
Ok then.
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