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Immortal Empire Cyborg Soldier Level 2 by 0verlordofyou Immortal Empire Cyborg Soldier Level 2 by 0verlordofyou
Since its inception the Immortal Empire has used cyborgs as cheap, expendable units. Originally the empire would take mortally wounded soldiers from either side of a battle and implant life support systems. Then the brain, provided it wasn’t too badly damaged, would be integrated with a computer. This removed any free will and made them into little more than machines. It didn’t take long before the Immortal Empire started doing this to captured enemy soldiers as well. This practice is one of the leading factors that led to the nations of the world uniting against the Immortal Empire.
These initial cyborgs were crude to the point of frustration. Without someone to order them, they would simply stand at attention, even as an enemy swept past them. But when used properly they proved devastating. A soldier that feels no fear, no pain, and no remorse is a dangerous thing.

Since the Immortal Empire left Earth, the technology used in creating cyborgs has steadily improved. While the empire still uses the critically injured to create cyborgs, this is now done in addition to the mass production of standard models. Instead of the dead and dying, vast facilities use clones. This allows for precision production, where as before production was based on the number injured.

The way cyborgs are used has also improved over the years. In the beginning they were used solely as suicidal shock troops that could hit an enemy hard, without worring about casualties. Now they can fill multiple roles.

Level 2: Soldier

Description: This is the standard model, sporting decent armor, shielding, and weaponry. These cyborgs are capable of limited sentient thought, with limits placed on emotion and higher thought processes. This keeps them from questioning their existence and possibly rebelling, but still allows them to think tactically and react to battlefield environments without input.
Even if an abnormality occurs, and a cyborg begins to question why it exists, an answer is hard wired into their cybernetics that almost always satisfies this unusual curiosity. If the cyborg rejects its purpose then something, somewhere has gone horribly wrong during production and someone is about to be fired. If the unlikely event happens that a cyborg should question and reject its purpose then it can be given a choice, to either leave the Immortal Empire to wander space to try and find its own purpose, or it can enter the Immortal Empire as a citizen, in which case it will be stripped of all weapons, and undergo slight genetic and cybernetic modification. This last part is very important as cyborgs are genetically and cybernetically wired to feel intense fury while in combat. A powerful hatred that only subsides while killing an enemy, or after having killed all enemies in its immediate area. Needless to say, an eternally angry cyborg being released into the populace would not end well. To date, only three cyborgs have gained sentience, with one choosing to leave the empire and the other two living as civilians.

Top Speed: 70 mph over even terrain
Jump Distance: 60 feet
Jump Height: 20 feet
Armor: 65
Shield: 15
Jump Pack: A simple jump pack is attached to the cyborg’s back. This is used to augment its ability to leap or give itself a sudden burst of acceleration while running.
Decentralized Nervous System: Cyborgs are made using a human clone. Although, the genetic code that has been used to create these clones has been steadily tweaked and improved over the centuries, and now these clones are human in appearance only. One of these improvements is that the cyborg possesses multiple linked brains spread out across its body. This increases the amount of data that it is able to process, allowing it to more easily and efficiently react to battlefield changes. This also prevents the cyborg from being killed after it has had its head shot clean off. It certainly won’t be working a peak efficiency, but it will still be operational.
Sensor Pits: The cyborgs mechanical body is covered in sensor pits that feed an omnidirectional view into the cyborgs multiple brains. These sensors are strong enough to see through personal stealth fields at short ranges and can pick out targets miles away. In the event that a cyborg should have its head gibbed, the cyborg can still see.
Disruptor Fusion: The bottom of the cyborg’s feet are able to use a disruptor field to fuse to whatever material they stand on. This allows them to run up walls or across ceilings. Provided of course, that they can hold its weight.
Survival: Cyborgs are designed both mechanically and biologically to survive in the harshest conditions. Their skin is resistant to intense heat and cold and can even withstand the vacuum of space for limited periods of time. As mentioned above, they can survive the lose of a head. They can even survive the destruction of their central power core. They will eventually shutdown and die due to power loss, but this takes several minutes of intense power draw [see combat] as its reserves are depleted.
Emergency Sonic Weapon: The cyborg’s vocalizer can be used as a crude sonic weapon, rupturing a biological’s blood vessels or just disorienting them.

Armament Right
Dual Laser Rifle: Weaker than a pulse rifle this weapon makes up for it in rate of fire. The dual laser rifle fires 2000 laser pulses per minute. The only problem is the tendency to rapidly overheat and explode.
Flamethrower: Cyborgs equipped with this weapon tend to be avoided by soldiers. This is wise considering their tendency to violently explode under enemy fire. But the fear factor of a headless cyborg charging your position, spitting great gouts of fiery death the entire time, is hard to deny.
Disruptor Resonance Cannon: Due to the short range, this weapon is used in enclosed environments, such as tunnels or when boarding a ship. Cyborgs with this weapon need an additional power pack in order to function properly.
Particle Rifle: An alternative to the dual laser rifle, particle rifles have an even higher rate of fire. But, since each ‘bullet’ is a tiny particle the term ‘rate of fire’ is useless. Where laser weaponry burns through armor and immolates flesh, particle weapons can be liken to a surgical knife. A really long surgical knife that cuts through armor and flesh.

Armament Left
None: It’s still a metal fist, and the dude with a metal fist in a fight has the edge. This is mostly used for cyborgs that need to be able to manipulate small objects or interacting with computers.
Claw: Conducting a light disruptor field this is the default melee weapon of a cyborg. A giant metal claw, combined with a disruptor field, and used by the cyborg’s raw mechanical might and precision can drive these foot and a half long spikes deep into enemy armor.

Stealth: Utilizing a shimmer field, these cyborgs lose their shielding and disruptor fields but can now move about the battlefield largely unseen. This is handy for infiltrating enemy positions or for lying in wait in a trap. Standard armament for these cyborgs is a thermal rifle which, while somewhat weaker than a dual laser rifle, makes up for it by allowing the cyborg to fire the weapon and remain cloaked.
Melee:  This variant loses all ranged weaponry, but gets two addition arms and a much more powerful jump pack. Every limb ends in some form of melee weapon.
Heavy Range: These variants lose their humanoid arms. Instead they get two heavy weapons attached directly to each shoulder. Heavy weapons include: Disruptor Cannon; Plasma Cannon; Heavy Quad Pulse Rifle; Heavy Particle Rifle; Disruptor Resonance Cannon; Grenade Launcher.
Aquatic: These cyborgs lose their jump pack and get a water jet system for underwater movement. In addition to the standard armament [minus the flamethrower] they get two small torpedoes on their back.
Zero-G: Cyborgs that operate exclusively in Zero-G environments, or where zero-g is likely to occur [military ships and stations] are more thoroughly armored, leaving no exposed flesh. They also swap their jump packs for personal Warp Field Generators, allowing them to travel in any direction.
Defender: Defenders are unique Level 2 cyborgs that bridge the gap between Levels 2 and 3. They trade their arms for a heavy weapon and a heavy shield, which is little more than a huge seven inch thick slab of durasteel. They also sport reinforced legs to support the increased weight of the shield. Due to the weight of the shield, they have no jump pack.

 Level 2 Cyborgs mostly act as shock troops, hitting enemy positions hard before either pulling back or dying. They are not limited to this role though. Cyborgs can often times be seen supporting squads who find themselves under intense enemy fire. Generally, wherever the toughest fighting is taking place is where these cyborg soldiers will be found.
Level 2 Cyborgs are also used to defend military installations, space stations, and ships.

Additional Notes
-While over 70% of the Immortal Empire’s population are considered cyborgs, here the word cyborg refers specifically to a hybrid of man and machine with no or limited free will.
-Cyborgs feel no pain, no remorse, no regret, and no sympathy. This does not mean that they are emotionless. They feel an intense wrath that spurs them to killing those that are identified as enemies.
-Ever hear the term ‘Tough as nails.’ Well cyborgs are tough as railroad spikes. Take their head off, they keep shoot at you. Take their arms off, they will try to kick and shout you to death. Take out their legs, they will pull themselves forward. Destroy their gun, they will try and stab you with what’s left. Take out their power core, they go berserk. Blast its head off, shoot off its arms, and smash its legs, it will try and overload its power core and take you with it.
-I’m sure there is more I’m not thinking of, but until I do…

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RangerSteel Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
What happens when the enemy steels the keys and turns them on you.
0verlordofyou Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
Can't happen.
Well it can, but they who steal the 'keys' would have to steal them very early during production. Like, before production even starts, early.

They can't exactly be hacked either. Organic portions of its brain checks and balances the cybernetic portions, and vice versa. So hack one and the other overrides it.

They are capable of independent thought, but what they think is programmed into both their cybernetic and organic brains, from the start, and can't really be changed. So any orders they receive, they scrutinize.
So the order to kill an unknown alien squad, is an acceptable order.
The order to turn on the Immortal Empire, or something along those lines. is not.
RangerSteel Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
Okay say an enemy faction has uploaded a viruse that causes them to revolt
0verlordofyou Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
We'll assume that the virus is deployed during production and affects both the cybernetic and organic portions of the cyborg's brain.

What happens is that those cyborgs that are produced with the virus are discovered during the final checks [something akin to a medical check up and mechanical tuning rolled into one] before deployment. These are promptly destroyed and production comes to a halt until the problem can be fixed.

If they make it past the final check up, those that were produced will turn against their masters. When they turn, production is halted and those that revolted are un-alived. Production resumes again when the problem has been fixed.

At worst a couple dozen cyborgs revolt and production ends up halted for a day or two.
meloa789 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
A dream project for Kane.
0verlordofyou Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
Kane would piddle himself in excitement if he got his hands on an army of these.
JaredtheFox92 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Braxxian Cyborg: Greetings fellow cybernetic organism.
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