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Immortal Empire Infantry Weapon Set 1 by 0verlordofyou Immortal Empire Infantry Weapon Set 1 by 0verlordofyou
Pulse Rifle

This is the standard rifle that can be found in the hands, or as the hands, of the soldiers of the Immortal Empire. The pulse rifle is a sturdy weapon that can be used as a blunt weapon to beat someone or thing into submission and still be perfectly capable of operating.

Pulse rifles fire a concentrated burst of energy that transfers a massive amount of both thermal and kinetic energy into whatever they hit. They possess a respectable rate of fire of 50 pulses per minute and the capacity to fire 300 rounds before the fuel cell needs to be replaced. If hooked directly into a power source (such as the soldier’s power pack) it increases the rate of fire to 80 pulses per minute and can fire approximately 50,000 pulses before it drains the power pack. Despite its sturdy build, continuous fire is never recommended due to the fact that the gun has an unfortunate habit of melting if it is fired for too long.

The weapon can be set to fire two, three, four, or five pulses in a quick burst. However, the weapon needs just as many seconds as pulses fired in order to cool down to a safe level before it can fire again.

Particle Rifle

Particle rifles are the second most common standard weapon found in the Immortal Empire. The weapon isn't as sturdy as the pulse rifle, but it can still take a beating.

Particle rifles fire a continuous stream of very high speed particles that cut through armor and flesh with frighting ease. Actually hitting a target doesn't cause all that much damage. Its when the particle beam moves across the target that the real damage is done. These weapons sever limbs and slice away chunks of armor. The particle rifle can fire continuously for 72 minutes before the storage drum needs to be replaced. The power cell is good for 36 minutes of continuous fire before it needs to be replaced. That particle rifle users need to carry two power cells for every storage drum the bring with them is what prevents the weapon from being more popular.

Pulse Cannon

Pulse cannons are heavy weapons used to demolish buildings and cover as well as take down light vehicles and massive creatures. They are a common sight and have been given the nickname 'Da Big Gun' by those that use them.

Pulse cannons operate in exactly the same way as a pulse rifle, it just uses a much stronger pulse of energy. Pulse cannons are capable of only 10 pulses per minute and each fuel cell only has enough power for 50 pulses. These numbers are by no means set in concrete, as the power the weapon uses can be changed to either favor more powerful pulses for heavier targets, or weaker pulses for more ammo and a higher fire rate.

Tri-Grenade Launcher

The Tri-Grenade Launcher is a heavy duty weapon built to smash and crush all that oppose the empire's soldiers.

These are by far the most popular heavy weapons amongst the warriors of the Immortal Empire. It is known as 'The Exploder,' 'The Angry Hornet,' 'The Tri-Harder,' and 'That Shotgun That Shoots Grenades.' The Tri-Grenade Launcher, in case you couldn’t tell, is a three barreled automatic grenade launcher. It has several settings that allow it to fire like a machine gun, a semi-automatic, or like a shotgun. Almost everyone who uses it ignores two of those settings and just uses the shotgun mode. Firing three grenades in a spread pattern is spectacular fun, as is seeing your target and everything near it explode into a billion little pieces.

While the tri-grenade launcher is capable of 180 rounds per minute, it only has 24 grenades per magazine. It is this pitiful ammo store that is the only real fault of the weapon.

Finally put up some weapons with details and other important things. Everything above is set in wibble. That is to say that more could be added at anytime and what is here could be change whenever I have a new thought and bother to add it.
daniellandrom Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i would use the Trinade launcher, and go as follows;


it would be so hilarious, and friggin OP in BF4 if you added a bipod XD
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