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Planetary Harvester v2.0 by 0verlordofyou Planetary Harvester v2.0 by 0verlordofyou
Planetary Harvester

Length: 667ft ~ 1200ft
Width: 679ft ~ 1200ft
Height: 257ft ~ 1200ft
Amor: Light Durasteel Plating
Armor Rating: ~200
Shielding: Standard Civilian Shield Generator
Shield Rating: ~800
Engine: Warp Field Generator [4 – 10]
Powersource: Hypermatter Reactor [1 – 3]
-Light Laser[Single, Dual, or Triple] Turret [1 – 5]
-Light Disruptor Missile Rack [0 – 2]
-Light Plasma Cannon[Single or Dual] Turret [0 – 2]
-Light Disruptor Cannon [0 – 1]
-High Powered Cutting Laser [1 – 3]


The term ‘Planetary Harvester’ is given to any civilian ship with the sole purpose of harvesting and processing matter. Planetary harvester ships are among the most common ships in the empire and can be seen in almost every system in the Immortal Empire. While there may be no standard design, they do follow a basic template. Each Planetary Harvester is built around an atomic furnace and nanolaything facility. The rest of the ship is taken up by engines, power generators, and storage cells. This leaves little room for the actual crew.
Processed matter is either turned directly into needed equipment inside of the ship’s onboard nanolaything facility or turned into slag for delivery to forge worlds, where it will fuel the huge foundries of the planet. Planetary harvesters can, assuming the demand for slag isn’t too high, use its nanolaything facilities to improve itself.* It is this self improvement that leads to these ships differing so much from each other. This generally isn’t done too often, because the crews of these ships make their living be selling the slag they harvest. And while a bigger ship can more easily harvest larger objects and store more slag, if it becomes too big it also becomes too expensive to operate. If they become too large it ends up costing the captain more money to operate than he could make from harvesting.
Planetary Harvesters generally have only light defensive and offensive capabilities. This is mostly due to the fact that weapons and shielding take up space and power that would better be served for storage and matter processing. There are exceptions, mostly from captains who are overly paranoid or have been pirated in the past.

*This self improvement isn’t as simply as harvest matter, relocate matter, get more guns. It is more like harvest matter, build construction drones, harvest some more matter, build new parts, have construction drones attach new parts, possibly harvest more matter, finish upgrade, harvest construction drones, then move on.
daniellandrom Featured By Owner Edited Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
nice work as always :D
0verlordofyou Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
Thank you. Thank you. You're too kind.
daniellandrom Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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